Die Komplexitäter buchenGot caught. Of course we are not an online shop where you can buy workshops off the rack. In our experience, coaching is also about getting in touch with each other. To build up a sufficient relationship of trust. And for that you need a common basis. Are we the right people to help you in your individual situation? What is your very own complexity story? And do you really want to embark on a complex adventure with us?
Shh … there is a great danger that your organization will actually change.

To answer these questions to each other, our cooperation always starts with a personal conversation. This can be done very easily and quickly by telephone or even better by video conference. However, we prefer the very direct exchange. And this is not connected with any bureaucracy or costs for you. If you would like to contact us, then simply write to us informally at: hallo@komplexitaeter.de



Our prices: pay-what-feels-right

The actual price depends on many factors: location, number of participants, duration, impact achieved, etc. Our suggestion: we name the price we consider reasonable and you tell us after the event what the experience was worth to you. The invoice will be issued accordingly.