Kanban Simulator Online: The Ship Building Game

Does at least one of the following statements sound familiar to you?

  • “There’s more work on my desk than I can handle.”
  • “I don’t have time for the really important things.”
  • “Our projects always take longer and longer.”
  • “We often deliver something our customers no longer need.”

Then you’ll experience the same fate as many others. Because our intuitive assumptions about how we as an organization do our job best, is often quite wrong. And this then results, step by step, in the problems described above. 

One possible way to escape this is to align your organization with the basic principles of Kanban. But organizational change in the big often faces insurmountable hurdles. After all, there is a lot to lose.

With the help of our interactive simulation, we offer you the opportunity to try out for yourself in a virtual shipyard the effectiveness of principles such as “Stop Starting – Start Finishing”, “Limit your Work in Progress” or “Push not Pull”. And that without any risk*! You will be guided by one of our experienced coaches and have the opportunity to reflect intensively based on the experiences you will make.

Kanban Flow Simulator

Participate as a single person

interactive online workshop
including introduction to Kanban
3 hours simulation & reflection
group size of 5-10 participants
the appointment will be determined among all participants

Participate as a team

interactive online workshop
including introduction to Kanban
3 hours simulation & reflection
5 to 15 participants
individual appointment

Facilitate on your own

interactive web tool appropriate for the “Kanban Flow Game” according to Klaus Leopold
including an introduction to the tool & a example moderation script
for groups of 5 to 10 participants
recommended duration at least 90 minutes

95 €
per person*

per team*

per user per simulation*

* Our prices include the legal VAT and are based on the “pay-what-feels-right” principle: You know our price proposal and decide after the event what it was really worth to you. We will then create an invoice for the price you quoted (payable by bank transfer).

Reactions of our participants

It was amazing. My boss was really excited. It’s exactly what we needed in our team.


I have finally understood Kanban.


I have experienced a real WOW moment based on the simulations data analysis! At the same time it was funny and a lot of joy.


The structure of the workshop was cool: varied, nice intro, lots of time for explanations.


The simulation was great. Interactive and cool design.


Almost as good as building real ships.