“Solutions for a complex world”

 transformation | lectures & inspiration | courses & trainings | coaching of teams & individuals | workshops & tool development

“A experimenter and designer with the ability to take different perspectives in order to accompany people and organisations on their path of change.”

enabler for agile transformations
management coaching
management consulting
agile leadership
change management

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Agile Coach & Scrum Master

“A passionate agilist with outstanding experience, helping companies from a wide range of different industries to meet the challenges of modern, interconnected and unstable markets.”

agile transformation
Scrum & Kanban
group dynamics
organisational development
PMO & project management

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Agile Coach & Scrum Master

“Long-standing team leader with technical and managerial responsibility – always on his own agile journey.

employee training
team development
management coaching
conflict moderation
IT consulting

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Agile Leader & Teamcoach

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