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Our prices: pay-what-feels-right

The actual price depends on many factors: location, number of participants, duration, impact achieved, etc. Our suggestion: we name the price we consider reasonable and you tell us after the event what the experience was worth to you. The invoice will be issued accordingly.

Komplexitäters came from the field.


Our methods, approaches, tips & tricks are based on experience that we ourselves have accumulated as a team in companies over the years.


What drives us is to really help organizations, not to do business at any price. That is why we always start our cooperation with a 3-hour introductory workshop, which we offer free of charge.


In this first workshop we work out together where the organisation stands, whether and how we can support with our expertise and, if possible, provide first aid directly.


Maybe it also turns out that the organization already has all the complexity tools at work. Then we are not needed.


Often even small tips or methods are enough to move forward.


If our help becomes necessary after all, we define together how we will continue.


We do not sell – we help and live from it.


Fully-fledged team workshop


Holistic workshop for a complete team over 2 days:

Team dynamics and conflict culture, feedback exercises, knowledge of methods, concrete approaches and steps for implementation in daily work.

After 2 days the team has everything in place to set new standards when it comes to success.


  • intensive teamwork based on practical exercises

  • the team is ready for the change the next working day

  • many methods, tools and tips to take away

Key figures

  • location: flexible
  • up to 15 participant
  • 2 days

Kanban: Understand and experience the method


Learning Kanban is fast. A well-known search engine delivers high quality results…

How to apply it concretely, which structures and rules you need for it, which typical traps you can avoid, that is what this intensive team workshop conveys. Hands-on.


  • knowledge building through concrete exercises and simulations
  • creation of a prototype for the implementation in your own organization
  • really understand “Stop starting, start finishing” and apply it immediately

Key figures

  • location: flexible
  • up to 20 participants
  • 1 day

Feedback: the tool of success


Self-organized agile teams and organizations that are successful share it all: a strong, practiced feedback culture.

Feedback is the oil in the gearbox of the organisation and in this workshop it will be trained intensively.

How does feedback work, to whom and how can I give it? How do I deal with criticism and praise? How do I learn from it?


  • practical exercises in the workshop
  • common rules and procedures that will be applied immediately in everyday life
  • new insights about yourself and your team

Key figures

  • location: flexible
  • up to 15 participants
  • 0,5 Day

Experiments & MVP*: How to really drive change


The whole world talks about agility. Everybody has heard about Scrum, Kanban, Boards, Dailies, Retros and co.

Should you really turn everything upside down overnight? How can you be sure that it works in your own organization? Will the customer accept that we care so much about ourselves?

With the help of a proven method, with which one can start immediately, the organization learns… to learn!

(*) MVP: Minimum Viable Product


  • “Start where you are” – the workshop is based on the CURRENT state
  • self-developed, practical approaches to take-away, which can be implemented immediately
  • apply change anywhere, anytime and with a minimum effort

Key figures

  • location: flexible
  • up to 15 participants
  • 0,5 day

Group/team decisions: fast and fine!


If the goal is self-organized, self-determined teams, there is no getting around group decisions.

Everyone knows the usual suspects:

Majority rule, consensus, top-down, they all end up taking forever or they often fail…

In this workshop you will try out a lean, effective and rapid group decision making method yourself, that is immediately reusable.


  • experience a group decision with wow-effect
  • practice to be able to apply the method yourself
  • if you have an urgent need for a decision, the decision itself can be integrated

Key figures

  • location: flexible
  • up to 15 participants
  • 0,5 day

Train the trainer: I can do it on my own


It does not always need external support to train new methods and knowledge.

In this training topics such as workshop preparation, design and evaluation are practiced intensively.

Numerous moderation tricks, tools and methods to try out, reflect and apply – so that you can train others yourself.


  • integrated approach “learning by experience
  • structured group reflection and transfer phases
  • facilitating & accepting brutally honest feedback for a rapid development

Key figures

  • location: flexible
  • up to 10 participants
  • 1 day

Emergency Call: Consultation-Telko


You have an urgent problem and simply need quick support.

With a very short lead time, have a trusted experienced coach to talk to you about the problem and reflect on possible solutions.


  • immediate call via simple web-based telco solution
  • reflect on urgent questions/problems rapidly together
  • flexible and spontaneous duration

Key figures

  • location: online
  • 1 participant
  • duration as required

Individual coaching and on-site support


Accompaniment during everyday work with situational coaching and built-in exercises and reflection phases.

Coordination with the coach in advance of the process necessary!

Fast learning is guaranteed because we respond to your individual situation.


  • intensive learning through situational coaching and fast feedback
  • maximum practical meaning
  • exercises to go

Key figures

  • location: on site
  • 1 participant
  • duration at least 3 hours

Scrum: Get to know and apply the method


What is Scrum, how does it work and how can I use it concretely?

Through dynamic and interactive training methods the framework is explained thoroughly and through practical exercises and concrete cases a possible implementation in your own organization is determined.

In addition, the participants are prepared for certification at the end of the training.


  • building knowledge by concrete exercises and simulations
  • prototypes for the implementation in your own organization
  • preparation for Scrum Master Certification

Key figures

  • location: flexible
  • up to 12 participants
  • 1 day

Minimum Viable Process: Team and processes composition fast and lean


The team composition needs to be changed? The work processes have to be set up anew? An eternal discussion and a lot of frustration is threatening?

This workshop helps immediately and quickly with minimal effort. All those people involved work together to design their Minimum Viable Process and do so in such a way that they can start the very next day.

A proven method that leads to quick success.


  • people shape the result themselves, so acceptance is at maximum
  • quality achieved exceeds all other procedures
  • also effective in critical situations and decisions

Key figures

  • location: flexible
  • up to 35 participants
  • 0,5 to 1 day
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Data protection
We, (Registered business address: Germany), process personal data for the operation of this website only to the extent technically necessary. All details in our privacy policy.