Agile Planning Poker Online

On this page we introduce you to our Online Planning Poker tool for playing story point estimations poker. It has been developed in the last few months while working with agile teams that are more or less distributed around the world. Of course they still want to use this popular method for estimating together (e.g. in Backlog Refinement or Planning meetings in Scrum).  

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We have developed the Online Planning Poker Tool step by step in collaboration with our teams and have directly incorporated user feedback. It was particularly important to us that this tool could be used immediately by all participants in a remote session without much effort or prior knowledge. Without installation. And as intuitive and simple as possible.

Agile Poker Online Card

And this is how Planning Poker Online works…

So you can simply go to our poker tool and create a room for your team there. Then just share the link with your colleagues you wish to play poker with. All the participants have to do is type in their name and off you go. No login required. No registration. No ads.

You can then use our Online Planning Poker Tool just like real poker cards. Select the appropriate value and wait for your team members to finish. When everyone is done, you will be able to see what the other team members have „played“.

And if you want to play a new round of Planning Poker, one of you simply click on the appropriate button.

Also applicable for many other agile workshop types …

For the following workshop formats, which usually use poker playing cards, you can also use our online planning poker tool:

  • Estimation oder Planning Poker (Story Point Schätzungen)
  • Business Value Poker
  • Team Assessment
  • Spotify Squad Health Check (Traffic Lights / Ampeln)
  • Delegation Poker
  • JUDGE (resistance measurement, group consensus, systemic consensus)

To use a different agile method with your participants, you simply set the desired set of poker cards on your team’s board via the configuration (top right). You can also be creative by combining cards from different agile poker games for your own workshop formats.

By the way, we are very happy about any feedback and feature requests for our Online Planning Poker! You can also use the feedback function in our Agile Online Poker Tool. How? Just follow your (the heart!