We all are sensing the changes that digitization is bringing to the business world, to our private lives and to society. At the same time, we recognize that our well-proven tools have become increasingly blunt. The levels at which change is taking place are manifold and require a rethinking of actions and attitudes.

We support you and your organization until you can handle complexity on your own. Until you become a Komplexitäter yourselves.

And this is how it works:


Every situation is different. Our workshops are adapted to your specific situation, no matter if it is Kanban, team dynamics, group decision making or anything else.


Lots of emotion or straight theory. Sometimes that’s exactly what it requires to simply set the necessary impulse.

Accompany transformation

Change is a process. With ups and some downs. We accompany you and your organisation. From help to self-help.

Courses &Trainings

How’s Scrum? What does customer focus mean and how does it work? You have to get to know and practice new tools in a safe environment.


Because agility is defined worldwide, we also contribute to this and constantly share new experiences and insights. Sharing is learning!

Inspiration & Network

We were inspired by others ourselves. We are therefore happy to make our knowledge and our network available. In the belief that it will inspire you to take the next step.

Statements that simply help

“It is not necessary to change. Survival is not mandatory.”

Edward Deming

“For Every Complex Problem, There Is an Answer That Is Clear, Simple, and Wrong.”

Misquoted from H.L. Mencken

“Wir leben lieber mit Problemen, die wir kennen, als mit Lösungen, die wir nicht verstehen.“

Vince Ebert

„Pläne sind nichts. Planung ist alles.“

Dwight Eisenhower

„It is always wise to look ahead, but difficult to look further than you can see.“

Winston Churchill

“Menschen wehren sich nicht gegen Veränderungen, sie wehren sich dagegen, verändert zu werden.”

Peter Senge

“Es ist unmöglich, etwas zu lernen, wenn man denkt, man wisse bereits alles.“


“Ratlosigkeit ist kein persönliches Defizit, sondern Startpunkt für Neues.”

Dirk von Gehlen

“Intuition ist die Summe der Lernerfahrungen am Rande der Überforderung.“

Peter Kruse

“And therefore, the performance of the whole is never the sum of the parts taken separately, but it’s the product of their interactions.“

Russell L. Ackoff

“Eine einfache Antwort darauf habe auch ich nicht.”

Angela Merkel

„Zukunft ist ein gestaltbarer Raum.“

Dirk von Gehlen

„Good judgement comes from experience, and experience… well, that comes from poor judgement.“

Mark Twain

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